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Fala - Catering, accommodation and offshore angling

The Business Enterprise "Fala" was established in 1996.
At the beginning we specialised in catering only, we started with a single fish shop. When we noticed that the same customers kept on returning to us every year, we decided to offer them something more. That was how the thought of a guesthouse first came to our minds. The idea came true and now we run a calm and pleasant guesthouse called "Fala".
Our customers’ satisfaction encouraged us to take another step and offer a form of active leisure. We started organising offshore angling trips. During such an unforgettable adventure everybody can feel like a real sea dog and have a whale of a time. Simultaneously, we extended our catering services and set up another bar under an original name… “Fala II”.

The Enterprise "Fala" satisfies all needs of our dear customers. We provide You with accommodation and full board, we organise recreational activities and we create opportunities to relax. But we shall never stop improving our services. Our aim is to make You feel exceptionally good so that you will always remember the moments you have spent with us.


P.W. "Fala" Kuter Wla 209 Tomasz Renusz, ul. Harceska 1, Władysławowo, tel. 502-242-012
Reservations: Offshore Angling - +48 513-028-111, Accommodation - +48 501-735-327
Office -+48 58-774-81-25, Fax +48 58-774-81-24, biuro@wedkarstwo-morskie.info