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We have got two catering establishments located in two different places in Władysławowo.

One of them, "Fala I", is located in 1 Harcerska Street, just next to our guesthouse. The other, called "Fala II", may be found in Hryniewieckiego Street, next to the entrance to the beach.
In order to satisfy tastes of all our customers, we have filled our menu with a large selection of dishes; everybody will find something for themselves. We want to make our customers feel special so we are always open to suggestions and we never stop trying to improve.

Our bars specialise in fresh-fish dishes (cod, salmon, herring, flounder) caught by our fishing vessels. Apparently, there is nothing like a healthy and delicious, fresh, sea fish skilfully prepared by an experienced chef.

Also, we offer a wide selection of Atlantic and freshwater fish, meat and fast food dishes. For the thirsty we have hot and cold drinks, both soft and alcoholic.

In our bars we sell smoked fish and spit-roast chicken.



P.W. "Fala" Kuter Wla 209 Tomasz Renusz, ul. Harceska 1, Władysławowo, tel. 502-242-012
Reservations: Offshore Angling - +48 513-028-111, Accommodation - +48 501-735-327
Office -+48 58-774-81-25, Fax +48 58-774-81-24, biuro@wedkarstwo-morskie.info